It’s Good To Have Friends with Places

We feel so blessed to have such great friends in our lives to do and share life with.  We have some friends who have a cabin in Bass Lake and we have spent many weekends away building great memories, with and without their family.  I feel so thankful that God allows us opportunities of rest and solitude in His creation –  there is nothing like being in nature for me.

Our friends recently moved cabins and they offered it to us the weekend after my ARTofFREEDOM event.  Sure, there was plenty of follow up that needed to happen, but even more we needed a getaway.  Unfortunately, it also happened to be Jon’s men’s retreat weekend, so up me the kids and my mom went (despite Jon’s recommendation that it wasn’t a good weekend to go 😉 ).

We did a lot of this…


My Jovi…photo_2-2

My Swee…photo_3-3

Symphony has personality plus to say the least!  Which also includes her own fashion decisions (which to be honest, I LOVE) AND a really great attitude to help.


I think Big Brother has done a great job in leading by example as a hard worker (sometimes).  So why not start sweeping the leaves into a pile just to kick!?!


The first day we walked to the lake and got perfectly messy…

IMG_4903 IMG_4915IMG_4919 IMG_4936 IMG_4946

I Love this woman.  She has given me the best example of what a GREAT MOTHER is.  I’m so thankful to have her in my life.IMG_4917

And so are my kids… After nap time, we played cribbage and a eye spy board game G-ma brought.IMG_4969

Sunday morning we had reading time (and looks like we also had some nose picking time)…


Then we had some watercolor painting outside…IMG_5002

It was a great weekend making memories!  We love doing life with our G-ma!  IMG_5008


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